One of the cool things about the OBD2 system is that you can easily create custom dashboards with gauges on your phone or tablet. These will provide you with live and accurate information from your vehicle. To do this all you need is one of our OBD-AUS OBD2 scanners and a app on your phone or tablet.

We will take you through the steps below to show you how easy it is to make your own digital dash board.

Step 1: Plug your OBD-AUS scan tool into your cars OBD port. This will most likely be just below your steering wheel and looks like a triangle with the top cut off. You can see in the picture below that the OBD2 port in this case is under the dash by the clutch pedal.

IMG 20190529 125038 1
OBDAustralia Landcruiser

Step 2:
Download an OBD2 app to your device we have a post here were we explain which ones we suggest.

Step 3: Go into your phones WiFi (If Apple) or Bluetooth if anything else and connect to the device called OBDII. The password will be 1234.

Step 4. Open the App and build your dashboard. You can so all sorts of things in these apps and can even create vehicle profiles so that you can have a trip computer as well on your custom dashboard.

IMG 20190529 130448