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obd2 post what is OBD and how to find it
FeaturedWhat is OBD and how to find it

What does the OBD2 connector look like and how to find it? On-board diagnostics (OBD) is the cars ability to record and diagnose problems. The most…

Mazda 3 Check Engine Light

Mazda 3 Check engine light is on? There are many reasons (both minor and major) why the check engine light is illuminated on a Mazda…

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Best OBD2 scanner

One of the most common questions we’ve been asked is ‘What’s the best OBD2 scanner out there for my vehicle?’. The answer to that question…

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OBD2 Pinout

The OBD2 port on your car is how you can connect to your car’s diagnostic system and access your car’s different ECU’s. There are a…

obd2 post Subaru Diesel DPF Light 1
Subaru Diesel DPF Light Outback Forester

Subaru has a few models that have issues with the DPF and the fact that most people do short drives does not help the fact and you will get DPF issues with the light starting to flash or higher fluid usage.

What we will discuss here is how you can use the OBD-AUS BTV4 bluetooth scan tool to watch this data on your phone which will allow you to monitor what is happening and have more of an idea about what is going on with your DPF and engine.

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Your car is OBD1 what to do?

You have worked out that your car is OBD1 and not the newer OBD2 which means that it is harder to access and you cannot…

obd2 post The Difference Between OBD2 Scan Tools 1
The Difference Between OBD2 Scan Tools.

Basic OBD2 Scanners vs Full System Professional OBD2 scan tools. You may see a number of different scan tools on our site and there is…

obd2 post Caravan Towing Tyre Pressure
Caravan Towing Tyre Pressure

Looking forward to getting on the road and making the most out of your caravan! Tyre pressure is an important factor on these trips as…

obd2 post What Is Forscan and how to use Forscan
What Is Forscan and how to use Forscan?

If you own or work on Fords or Mazda’s there is an amazing piece of software out there called Forscan and it gives you a…

obd2 post Resetting the Mercedes Sprinter Service Light
Resetting the Mercedes Sprinter Service Light

Is your service light reminder on and you have serviced the van yourself and want to turn it off? Most cars have a manual way…

obd2 post What is DPF and how does it work How to clean
What is DPF and how does it work (How to clean)?

DPF = Diesel Particulate Filter. This is a filter that captures and stores the exhaust soot in order to help reduce the emissions of diesel…