You have your OBD2 scan tool and now you need to choose what APP you would like to use with it. We will keep these simple and just suggest the best two OBD2 apps that we have tested and use all the time ourselves.

The first thing is if you are using an android or iOS device. If you are using an Android device then we suggest Torque OBD2 app and if you are using an iOS device then we suggest EOBD Facile. We will explain an bit more about both of these below.

Torque – Android

This app is fantastic and has been around for many years with constant updates and over 1,000,000 downloads. It allows you to see all of your engine data live on your device and you can make up custom dashboards or check your engine error code and reset your engine checklight.


  • Multiple themes to change the look of your dashboard
  • Supports screenshot sharing
  • GPS-based compass
  • You can Graph data
  • Alarms and warnings that can be set when your car reaches a certain coolant temp etc.


  • There is a paid version that is $4.99 if you want some extra features
  • Can sometimes take a couple of goes to connect but this is more based on your phone settings than the app.

Free version:

Paid Version $4.99: