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OBD Eleven in Australia: What can it do?

Today, we go through one of the newest vehicle diagnostic devices to hit Australia: the OBD Eleven.

With the influx of vehicle diagnostic tools on the market, you wouldn’t be blamed if you get confused or overwhelmed with the choices you have. That’s why we’re here! We aim to guide you through the wealth of tools and accessories and help you decide on which is right for you and your car. If you have a VAG vehicle (i.e. Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Lamborghini, and Bentley), then this could be the tool for you.

At first glance, the OBD Eleven looks like your ordinary keychain. Yes, a keychain. See for yourself:

OBD Eleven, VW Scan Tool, Audi Scan Tool, Audi Programming Tool, VW Programming Tool, VCDS Alternative, OBD Eleven Australia
OBD Eleven NextGen Pro

But behind this dainty little item is a Bluetooth-powered dongle that plugs into your OBD2 port to perform system diagnostics. The OBD Eleven is an adapter tool that uses cloud-based software that connects with an app and a mobile device through the internet. 

OBD2 scanners normally give you access to various vehicle diagnostics information whether it’s the engine, transmission, airbag, anti-lock braking system (ABS), air-conditioning, media system, display, etc. It also allows you to clear faults and customise the features of vehicles. 

OBD Eleven is no different. However, we could say that it does all these things with the same efficiency at a fraction of the cost from similar diagnostic products, such as the VCDS scan tool or ELM scanners. You could say that this is an ideal VCDS alternative, to be honest. 

When you purchase an OBD Eleven, you can either get the Standard version or the Pro version. The former gives you access to basic fault scanning, basic fault erasing, and connection to the apps on the system. Meanwhile, the latter gets you access to live vehicle data, long manual coding, in-depth diagnostics, adaptations, and other service functions besides all the standard features.

What is in the OBD Eleven App?

As of this writing, you can already download the OBD Eleven App from Google PlayStore (for Android devices) and from the Apple AppStore (for iOS powered devices). With this flexibility now, a lot more drivers in Australia can enjoy the benefits of the OBD Eleven.

One such benefit is access to what the manufacturer calls “One-Click Apps”. From the name itself, you’ll know what to expect when you access this app. Basically, these are car system pre-coded modifications programmed on the app and can be applied immediately on your vehicle.

OBD Eleven, VW Scan Tool, Audi Scan Tool, Audi Programming Tool, VW Programming Tool, VCDS Alternative, OBD Eleven Australia
OBD Eleven Apps interface

What these apps replace is the long-coding you do before to change settings or implement customizations on the car. And you can do it with “One Click”, literally. Is that convenient or what? 

The OBD Eleven Apps are categorised into: 

  1. Adjustments – to activate, deactivate or adjust factory-installed features, mostly for comfort functions
  2. Retrofits – when you add non-factory original equipment like LED license plate lights, washer fluid level sensor
  3. Workshop – for resetting service and inspection lights (e.g. oil service reset, brake pads replacement)

One thing missing from OBD Eleven though is the ability to store fault codes. But the system makes up for it by allowing you to send email to yourself (or to a mechanic-friend) the logs of scan or fault codes.

The convenience afforded by the OBD Eleven “One-Click Apps” is a welcome innovation, especially for those non-professional DIY owners, who are just aiming to do modifications on their own vehicles. 

What cars in Australia does the OBD Eleven work on?

If you’re looking for VW scan tool or an Audi scan tool here in Australia, the OBD Eleven is the device for you. However, it not only works with Volkswagen or Audi brands but also with Skodas, Seats, Lamborghinis, and Bentleys. Collectively, these vehicles belong to the Volkswagen Auto Group or VAG. 

OBD Eleven, VW Scan Tool, Audi Scan Tool, Audi Programming Tool, VW Programming Tool, VCDS Alternative, OBD Eleven Australia
OBD Eleven-compatible vehicles

What can you change in your car?

As a VW programming tool and an Audi programming tool, OBD Eleven allows users to enact several customizations in their cars. Aside from the One-Click Apps, which lets you implement customizations at an instant, the Pro version allows you to do manual long coding to input changes on your vehicle. 

It really depends on you on how you’ll do these modifications, but OBD Eleven offers this flexibility to personalise your vehicle. If you’re going to ask us, using the apps is simpler and reduces the risk of errors, especially if you’re not doing this professionally.

For a list of functions on all supported vehicles, check it out here.

Is OBD Eleven a diagnostic tool as well?

It truly is. And it is one of the best OBD2 scanners in the market today at its price range. OBD Eleven performs the same diagnostics as traditional OBD2 devices (some even better), but at a fraction of the cost.

Aside from doing diagnostics, it can actually clear fault codes and can also be a VW programming tool or an Audi programming tool.

How much do credits in the app cost, and what can you do with them?

Up front, the OBD Eleven would seem more affordable compared to other VAG OBD2 scanners in Australia. However, to access the full complement of pre-programmed apps to change or fix your vehicles, you will need credits. Your Standard and Pro versions are each loaded with a default amount of credits (up to 200 credits for the Pro version).

OBD Eleven, VW Scan Tool, Audi Scan Tool, Audi Programming Tool, VW Programming Tool, VCDS Alternative, OBD Eleven Australia
One-click Apps Interface

To earn more credits, you can buy additional online. You can also earn one (1) credit per day for just opening the app. Finally, you can watch free ads to earn up to six (6) credits daily.

Use these credits to buy the One-Click Apps we’ve mentioned earlier. Do you need the Video In Motion app? It costs 100 credits. How about the Auto-Lock function? That’s 10 credits as well. This is how the OBD Eleven system works, so you have to familiarise yourself with them.

What are the alternatives for OBD Eleven here in Australia?

You can call an OBD Eleven a VCDS alternative, albeit a more compact and simpler version of the latter. Both are excellent OBD2 scan tools, but a VCDS can perform more advanced diagnostics, faults clearing, long-coding and customizations. It also produces more detailed results and reports, which bodes well with professional mechanics and more advanced car enthusiasts. 

The primary advantage of the OBD Eleven though is its price, ease of use, and the convenience afforded by the One-Click Apps (which replaces some of the manual programmings you’re doing with the VCDS). With the VCDS, you also need to plug in the device and connect the cable to a Windows computer to access the software. The OBD Eleven uses Bluetooth technology to pair the dongle and your mobile device, removing the restriction of wires and bulky laptops. 

OBD Eleven, VW Scan Tool, Audi Scan Tool, Audi Programming Tool, VW Programming Tool, VCDS Alternative, OBD Eleven Australia
VCDS (VAG-COM Diagnostic System)

Another similar device is ELM scanners. They are like the OBD Eleven in that they are Bluetooth-powered devices and run on mobile devices and apps (usually the Torque App). ELM scanner can show real-time data through digital gauges on the app, a feature OBD Eleven still lacks. However, one thing an ELM scanner cannot do is the CAN-BUS long coding, which is included in the OBD Eleven Pro pack.

OBD Eleven, VW Scan Tool, Audi Scan Tool, Audi Programming Tool, VW Programming Tool, VCDS Alternative, OBD Eleven Australia
ELM Scanner

Our Final Word

Your choice of OBD2 VW scan tool or Audi scan tool would depend on your answer to the following questions:

  • Are you willing to pay a substantial amount for a device at one time? Or do you prefer to pay a small amount to get the device and invest in upgrades later?
  • How comfortable are you with the user interface? Do you want it simple or more advanced? 
  • Are you a more DIY person? Or are you a professional car mechanic/technician?
  • What functions do you need for your car? How far are you considering modifying the features of your vehicle?
  • How stable is your internet connection? Do you have access to the internet when you’re doing your diagnostics?

OBD Eleven presents a strong case for the easiest OBD2 system to use for VAG vehicles. Setting up the device is simple. Just plug in the device on the OBD2 port, pair with your mobile phone or tablet, enter the required pass codes, and scan away. 

Once you’ve identified the faults, you can immediately clear them or study them to fix the errors. Installing or removing modifications are really easy with the help of the One-Click Apps. Long-coding is possible, as well as access to the more technical functions of the vehicle. And you get all these in a portable and affordable device!

OBD Eleven, VW Scan Tool, Audi Scan Tool, Audi Programming Tool, VW Programming Tool, VCDS Alternative, OBD Eleven Australia
OBD Eleven Pro Pack available at

So you’ve decided on the OBD Eleven. Great! If you will ask us, then if it would be better to get (or upgrade) the OBD Eleven Pro Pack right away, we will say YES! The Pro version will set you back $249. However, you’ll get more benefits in terms of accessible app features and the bonus credits that may well compensate for the additional you paid. 

The OBD Eleven Pro Pack is one of our newest products here in OBD2 Australia. We are a direct-to-consumer company from Australia that sells OBD2 scan tools, OBD2 Code Readers, Electric Throttle Controllers, TPMS, HUDs, and other vehicle accessories. We make sure our products are of the best quality and designed with the Australian customers and environment in mind. And we back up our products with years of industry knowledge that we share with you through our live customer support. 

Be sure to check out the site ASAP so we could help you out in making your ride as EPIC as possible!

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