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OBD-AUS Bluetooth Installation Page

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Thanks for purchasing your OBD-AUS bluetooth scan tool. A awesome tool that allows you to gain further insights into your vehicle. Please see below for detailed installation instructions for some of the apps we recommended to use with your new OBD-AUS tool.

These are only some of the apps that are available to use and our OBD2 scan tool is compatible with most apps out there so you can choose the one you prefer. Please click on the Android or iOS title to expand the instructions.

iOS iPhone Installation & Setup

Android Phone Installation & Setup

Checking Engine Check Light

[tlg_accordion style=”accordion-style-2″ color_schema=”#112e70″][tlg_accordion_content title=”iOS”]Now for iOS you do not have to go into your bluetooth or WiFi settings as the connection is handled all through the apps that you use. So you DO NOT need to connect it with you phones bluetooth settings it is all done in the APP.

App: Car Scanner ELM OBD


You need to insert the OBD-AUS into the diagnostic socket (also known as the OBD2 connector) and turn on the ignition or start the engine. This will be located under your steering wheel or above your pedals and can be behind a plastic cover that you just pop off.

Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone / iPad.

Attention! Unlike Android devices, you don’t need to setup pairing with adapter in the iPhone / iPad system settings!

Step 1: Launch the Car Scanner and go to Settings (click on the gear icon in the upper right corner).

Step 2: Select “Connection”

Step 3: Select “Connection Type”: Bluetooth 4.0 (LE)

Step 4: Click the “Select Device” button. You will be taken to the Bluetooth LE (4.0) nearby device search window.

Step 5: Wait until your adapter is detected and click on it. It will be called OBDII. If the adapter is not found within 5-10 seconds, click on the “Update” button to retry the search.

Step 6. Select your adapter in the list of detected devices and wait for the compatibility check with Car Scanner.

That’s all, connection setup is complete. Now you need to click on the big green “Connect” button on Car Scanner main screen.

Now we also recommend OBDfusion for iOS as this is a great app and has some extra options that allow you to easily get extra information from sensors. You can check some of that out here: [/tlg_accordion_content][tlg_accordion_content title=”Android”]There are a number of apps out there for Android devices and some of them are better at certain things but we will provide instructions here for connecting your OBD-AUS scan tool to the app Torque.

App: Torque 


Step 1: Download app. It is the one at the above link and it is free.

Step 2: Plug in OBD-AUD scan tool to your OBD2 connecter in your car and turn key on to you see full dash lights or just start the car. This connector will be located under your steering wheel or  just above your pedals. Sometimes it can have a plastic cover over it which can be popped off with no tools.

Step 3: Go to your bluetooth settings in your phones menu and click on the pair new device and select OBD11. Password is 1234.

Step 4: Open up the App torque and you should see the BT connect lights on top of the screen stop flashing after a few seconds. Then you are connected and good to go.

Also you can watch the video here. [/tlg_accordion_content][/tlg_accordion]

Still not working? 

If you have connected previously and its stopped working, or if after doing the steps above it still does not work, please do the following:

  1. Remove the scanner from your vehicle.
  2. Unpair the scanner from your phone in Bluetooth Settings (Android only; skip if on iOS).
  3. Remove the app you are using.
  4. Restart your phone.
  5. Reinstall the app.
  6. Plug the scanner in, and ensure the dash lights are on or the motor is started.
  7. Pair with the scanner in Bluetooth settings (Android only; follow the video guide above for iOS devices).
  8. Ensure that in the app’s settings, connection is set to Bluetooth and that the OBD2 device selected is ‘OBD-AUS’.
  9. Connect to the scanner.

Ensure that there are no other Bluetooth devices broadcasting, and that your phone is not connected to any other Bluetooth device while doing this.

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