So, your check engine light has popped up on your dashboard and you need to get it checked out to see what is wrong. The cost of this can range between $40 and $100 depending on where you go and the type of car you have.

With newer cars (2006+) this should be a straight forward job for any mechanic but they normally have a minimum charge and this is why it ends up costing you $100. However, if you have a regular mechanic they should do this job for free.  

With older cars, not all mechanics will have the correct OBD scan tools to do a car scan and they might have a manual way to do it by shorting some of the connectors on the diagnostic port and counting the light flashes on the dashboard.

We suggest just buying one of our OBD-AUS scan tools as these are a low-cost tool ($35) that will give you all the information you need and you can check the fault codes yourself and clear them or contact your mechanic and tell them what they fault is. Sometimes the fault code may just be that the petrol flap thinks that it is open as it got dust on the sensor and by giving your car a wipe around the inside of the fuel flap you have saved yourself a trip to the mechanics. Plus, it lets you know if it is a major fault or just something that you do not need to worry about and you can keep driving until you get a change to fix it.

Get one of our tools today and do you own car diagnostic scan. Plus, as they have a low power draw you can just leave this plugged in your car so that you always have it ready when you need it.