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OBD2 handheld scanner

Get a New OBD2 Handheld Scanner Today!

Are you having trouble connecting your OBD2 scan tool to a mobile device or computer? Or is your current OBD2 scanner old and technologically outdated? Either way, it’s time to upgrade to our new OBD2 handheld scanner today!

What is an OBD2 Handheld scanner?

OBD2 Handheld scanner
New OBD2 Australia OBD2 Handheld Scanner

A handheld OBD2 scanner is a portable electronic device that interfaces with a vehicle’s OBD2 system. OBD2 (or On-Board Diagnostics 2) is the standardised system in most modern cars that monitors and manages various aspects of the vehicle’s performance, emissions, and diagnostics. 

Like other OBD2 scan tools, an OBD2 handheld scanner allows users to communicate with the vehicle’s onboard computer, retrieve diagnostic information, and perform various vehicle diagnostics and maintenance functions. However, this time, without using an additional device such as a mobile phone or a computer. This means more convenient access to your vehicle systems. 

Benefits of our OBD2 Handheld scanner

These handheld scanners offer a range of benefits for both car owners and mechanics. Here are some of them:

OBD2 Handheld Scanner
  1. Diagnostic Capabilities
    OBD2 handheld scanners allow users to retrieve diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) from a vehicle’s computer. These codes provide insight into the specific issues or malfunctions affecting the vehicle. This information can help users identify problems quickly and accurately.
  2. Saving You Money
    By identifying the cause of a check engine light or other warning indicators, OBD2 handheld scanners can help users avoid unnecessary trips to the mechanic. This can save costs by allowing car owners to address minor issues rather than paying for professional diagnostics.
  3. Real-Time Monitoring
    Our OBD2 scanners provide real-time data monitoring. This means you can see various sensor readings and performance metrics while the vehicle is running. Monitoring parameters like engine RPM, coolant temperature, fuel efficiency, and more can help you monitor and maintain your vehicle’s health and performance.
  4. User-Friendly Interface
    Many of our OBD2 handheld scanners come with user-friendly interfaces and easy-to-navigate menus. This makes them accessible to many users, from DIY enthusiasts to professional mechanics.
  5. Maintenance Reminders
    You can use our OBD2 scanners can to reset maintenance reminders or service lights after performing maintenance on the vehicle. This ensures that you can accurately track the vehicle’s service history.
  6. I/M Readiness Monitors
    OBD2 scanners can help users determine if their vehicle is ready for an emissions test. They provide detailed information about the vehicle’s readiness status of various emissions-related systems.
  7. Data Logging and Analysis
    Specific OBD2 scanners allow you to log and analyse data over time. This functionality can be especially useful for diagnosing intermittent issues that might not trigger a fault code immediately or watch how your vehicle data changes over time.
  1. Compatibility
    OBD2 is a standardised system, so OBD2 handheld scanners are compatible with most vehicles manufactured after 1996. This broad compatibility makes these scanners versatile tools.
  2. Educational Tool
    For individuals interested in learning more about their vehicles’ inner workings and diagnostics, using an OBD2 handheld scanner can be an educational experience. It provides insights into how various sensors and components interact within the vehicle’s systems.
  3. Portable and Convenient
    As the name suggests, handheld scanners are portable devices that can be used anywhere and can be stored away with ease for later use. This convenience lets you diagnose issues on the road, away from a professional garage and makes sure you can get back on the road faster!
OBD2 Handheld scanner

Where to get this OBD2 Handheld Scanner?

OBD2 Handheld Scanner Overview

OBD2 Australia is introducing its newest update on its best-selling OBD2 handheld scanner. This STAND-ALONE, PLUG-and-PLAY device allows users to perform what an ideal handheld scanner does – view live engine data, retrieve & diagnose MOST engine fault codes, and clear the engine check lights right in the palm of your hand! 

And the best part: No need for a mobile phone, an app or a laptop to function! We highly recommend this OBD2 scanner to owners who prefer straightforward, quick access to their vehicle systems without the complications of using an additional electronic device. 

OBD2 Handheld Scanner – In-depth video

Though you don’t get features such as gauges and access to more advanced vehicle systems that other scan tools might give you, our OBD2 handheld scanners give you the basic scan tool functions that will matter in the daily/weekly diagnostics you should be doing with your vehicle. 

Listed at a very reasonable price range, with access to regular updates, a highly durable build, and great technical after sales support, you are getting more than a bang for your buck with OBD2 Australia’s new OBD2 Handheld Scanner! 

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