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Do you need a Head-Up Display?

Do you need a Head-Up Display?

Think again if you feel that a head-up display (HUD) is just a luxury accessory for your vehicle. So, do you need a head-up display today? We would go as far as telling you that you want AND need it! 

Here are a couple of reasons why.

Do you need a Head-Up Display?

What is a Head-Up Display?

But first, a brief background on HUDs.

You can find the earliest HUDs on the cockpit of aeroplanes from the Royal Air Force during World War 2. The HUD evolved with the development of aviation technology. Then in the 1980s, someone from General Motors decided to port this tool onto cars.

Initially, a head-up display was simply an added feature to make the car look advanced or ‘high-tech” (which also added monetary value to the vehicle). Over the decades, though, as materials and technology became more accessible and affordable, HUDs turned from a nice-to-have device to a must-have item in modern vehicles.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Part of the appeal of having a HUD installed on your car is you can now get real-time vehicle information while keeping your eyes on the road. Modern HUDs connect to the OBD2 port to give you data on speed, oil temperature, coolant temperature, voltage, tyre revolution (RPM), fuel consumption, among others.

And since the device already taps into the vehicle’s ECU, the next generation of HUDs can also function as a basic scan tool – they can now perform onboard diagnostics and even clear the check engine lights. 

Despite the positives, some drivers see disadvantages in using a HUD. One is that some HUDs suffer from problems from glare. Newer devices overcome this with anti-glare patches you can stick on the windshield. You may also install non-AR (augmented reality) HUDs instead. These display the vehicle data on a unit rather than on your windshield.

Another critique of head-up displays stems from the perception that it is more of a distraction than an assistant on the road. However, the design of HUDs now has the same focus on safety as in utility. Users just need time to get used to another device stuck on your dash. 

Where to get an excellent Head-up Display?

If we haven’t answered the question “do you need a head-up display?” yet, then maybe we’ll be able to convince you if you see an actual (suitable) device.

OBD2 Head-up display
OBD2 Australia Head-Up Display

OBD2 Australia’s newest product is the OBD-AUS GTF9 Digital OBD2 Car HUD gauge and scan tool. Part of the new generation of HUDs in the market, it provides a mounted display on your dash and shows these easy-to-read, coloured gauges:

  • Speedometer
  • Oil pressure
  • Tachometer
  • Voltage
  • Boost Gauge
  • Oil Temperature
  • Water Temperature
  • Vacuum
  • Coolant Temperature `
  • Compass

That’s a lot of available gauges for a tiny device! 


But these are just the main features of this HUD. It also has an automatic on-off capability and multiple gauge themes to fit your driving mood. And since this is also a basic scan tool, it can clear check engine lights too. 

For car owners who like to DIY (and even those who don’t), installation is a breeze: 

  1. Mount on the HUD on your dash or windscreen. We included a heavy-duty stick pad on the install kit to make this process easier. 
  2. Plug in the power cable to your OBD port.
  3. The cables were made flat so that you can fit them on your car trim better.
  4. Turn on the device. You can now customise the gauges and themes to display.

Our Final Word

We can understand if you feel intimidated at the thought of having another device on your dash to look at. Or you may also find that having a HUD is unnecessary. Yet, let me tell you that today is the best time to get one for your car!

Not only do you get the best technology on these devices, but you also get HUDs at their most affordable prices. In addition, an HUD provides critical vehicle data that may save you dollars on repairs and prevent accidents on the road. It’s not a luxury tool anymore, but a necessary one for drivers everywhere. 

mounted HUD
OBD2 Australia mounted HUD

Ten to fifteen years ago, you will only get to see the device in the more expensive models of cars. Now, it is available everywhere on the car accessories market. Now, the critical part is choosing the HUD of best quality and value for money. 

So, do you need a head-up display? Maybe we can help.

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