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Check Engine Light

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Your check engine light has come on in your car and your not sure what to do next!

To start with what is the Engine Check Light. It is a orange light that comes up on your dash it looks like the below and comes on when something has gone wrong on your car.

Image result for engine check light

It does not necessary mean that it is something major and you need to stop driving straight away but you should get it checked out straight away or check it out yourself. On some cars if it is a major issues that has triggered the light then the car will go into limp mode and won’t go over a certain amount of revs or speed. Sometimes it will just completely shut down.  This is where it comes in handy to have a OBD scan tool.

You can check and clear the engine check light yourself by using one of our OBD2 Scan Tools. This will allow you to diagnose the problem and work out if it is something that you can keep driving with or if you should fix it straight away. We recommend one of our two tools below which are under $60 and all you need to do is plug these into your cars OBD2 port. You will find this port under the steering wheel above the pedals. It can sometimes be behind a plastic cover that you can just pull off or in the fuse panel.

One you have found this all you need to do is plug one of our tools in and check the fault codes. The scan tool will then give you fault code and a description. For example:
P0101 – Mass Air Flow Sensor Circuit Range/Performance.

This tells you that there is a issue with the Mass Air Flow Sensor on your car. Know the best thing to do is put this into a google search with you car make and model and 99% of the time it will be a common problem and someone will explain how to fix it. So the google search would look like this:

P0101 Mass Air Flow Sensor Toyota Corolla 2009

Now if it is a fault code you know about or something you are happy to clear you can clear this fault code and carry on. However if you do not fix the problem the fault code can come back on.

If you do fix the problem. For the example above the fix is most likely replacing the cars mass air flow sensor. Once you have bought one of these and replaced it you can then use the scan tool for clear the fault and you are good to go again.[/vc_column_text]


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