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b OBD Scan Tools

OBD Scan Tools: What Are They? What Do They Do?

When you say “OBD Scan Tools”, what comes to your mind? For us, we remember the time when we heard those strange noises coming from the engine and saw the “Check Engine” light turns on. What could those mean? We realised that we just need an OBD scan tool, also known as an onboard diagnostics […]

mazda check engine2

Mazda 3 Check Engine Light

What causes the Mazda 3 Check Engine Light to turn on? Mazda 3 Check engine light is on? There are many reasons (both minor and major) why the check engine light illuminates on a Mazda 3. We have compiled a list of some of the most common causes: Loose fuel cap: Before you start looking […]


OBD2 Pinout

The OBD2 port on your car is how you can connect to your car’s diagnostic system and access your car’s different ECUs. There are several ECUs in modern vehicles, which are more like computers on wheels. This OBD2 port is a 16-pin plug, and we will cover below in the OBD2 pinout what each of […]


Your car is OBD1, what to do?

Now you know your car has an OBD1 port (and not the newer OBD2). This means you cannot use one of our common OBD2 scan tools and you will need an OBD1 scan tool reader (If you are still unsure if your car is OBD1 or OBD2 then get in contact with us). Accessing your […]

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