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Do you need a Head-Up Display?

Do you need a Head-Up Display?

Think again if you feel that a head-up display (HUD) is just a luxury accessory for your vehicle. So, do you need a head-up display today? We would go as far as telling you that you want AND need it!  Here are a couple of reasons why. What is a Head-Up Display? But first, a […]

VAL-Flate Tyre Deflate Valves

VAL-FLATE Tyre Deflate Valves: Set up and Use

How do you set up and use your VAL-FLATE tyre deflate valves? We’ll give you the rundown here. Set up your VAL-FLATE Tyre Deflate Valves Get one of your tyres to go down to the tyre pressure you want your valves to be set. To do this, you can use a tyre deflator gauge you […]

Xtros throttle controller

What does a Throttle Controller do?

Does your ute feel “underpowered”? Like when you turn on the highway, and you lack that boost to get going on the asphalt? Or, when you just can’t seem to drive on the beach as smoothly as you want? In today’s article, we’ll dive into a device that all drivers in Australia can appreciate, especially […]

OBD Eleven Pro Pack A

OBD Eleven in Australia: What can it do?

Today, we go through one of the newest vehicle diagnostic devices to hit Australia: the OBD Eleven. With the influx of vehicle diagnostic tools on the market, you wouldn’t be blamed if you get confused or overwhelmed with the choices you have. That’s why we’re here! We aim to guide you through the wealth of […]

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