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how to use torque
Torque App and OBD2: Using the App with Scan tools

Using our OBD-AUS OBD2 Scan tool and the Torque App. Watch the video to see how to: Connect this OBD2…

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obd2 post OBD2 Gauges and Dashboards
OBD2 Gauges and Dashboards

One of the cool things about the OBD2 system is that you can easily create custom dashboards with gauges on…

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freeze frame2
What is Freeze Frame data from OBD2 scan tool?

Freeze Frame data is a great function of the OBD2 system in vehicles. This allows you to find out what…

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OBD2 Codes List

Ok so you have got your OBD2 scan tool and now you can see what is happening with your car….

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FeaturedHow to find your OBD?

What does the OBD2 connector look like and how to find your OBD port? On-board diagnostics (OBD) is the car’s ability…

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obd2 post OBD2 Apps what to choose
How to choose OBD2 Apps?

You have your OBD2 scan tool and now you need to choose what OBD2 Apps you would like to use…

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