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Car Scanner ELM OBD2 App Dashboard

Car Scanner ELM OBD2 App Dashboard

Here are the steps you can do to set up and make changes to your Car Scanner ELM OBD2 app dashboard. By doing this, you get to display the relevant gauges you want to track using your app.

  1. Connect your app to your OBD2 Bluetooth scan tool.
  2. Open the app and go to the “Dashboard” icon on the main screen. Once opened, you can see here the default gauges of the app.
  3. To add a page, click on “Settings” (i.e. with the gear icon) on the upper right hand side of the screen and click the “Add Page” button.
    Choose the layout you want to use. Then, choose the values you want to display on the gauges by ticking the “+” button. Only the values that can be displayed on your car will appear.
  4. To modify the look and add other options of each gauge, click again the same “Settings” button and choose “Customize Page”.
    On the “Dashboard Editor” page, you can move the position of the gauges on the layout you selected here. You can also tick the gear button on the side of an item to access the “Item Editor” Page.
  5. The Item Editor Page lets customise further the gauge you are using. Here, you can change the following:
    Background and border
    Text size and color
    Dial Settings
    Min., Max. and Average Values
    Warnings (or Alarms)

We’re just scratching the surface here with the Car Scanner ELM OBD2 app dashboard. But it just shows the app’s versatility. And this is required, as every driver has his/her own choice information they want to display on their screens.

If you own an OBD2 Bluetooth scan tool and need an app to partner with your device, you can try out the Car Scanner app and explore more possibilities with car diagnostics.

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