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Cable Installation Instructions

Techstream Cable Installation Instructions

For drivers and outdated software options see here:

Thanks to the original post here:


  1. Download file: VirtualBox-5.2.4-119785-Win.exe
    (If windows if apple then the dmg version)
  2. Once downloaded double click and install.
  3. Once installed back to link and Download file: Techstream 12.20.024-v2.ova
  4. Open up the virtual box program (Oracle VM virtual box) you installed in step one and click file import appliance. Choose the Techstream file you just downloaded.
  5. Once done on the left hand pane in virtual box program double click on the techstream and you will see a Windows virtual machine open.
  6. Plug in techstream cable and wait 2-3 mins and you will see the pop up the bottom right corner that device has been installed.
  7. Double click on the techstream icon on the desktop and start up techstream and make sure in the bottom of screen that it has Xhorse cable connected.
    Choose “Other” for region. (Can be found under Setup – Techstream Configuration)
  8. Plug cable into OBD2 port on car and turn ignition on to full dash lights are on.
  9. In techstream click connect to vehicle.

VAG COM VCDS Diagnostic Cable Installation Instructions

If driver does auto install it can be found here:

You can check this in device manager if it has installed. There should be no yellow Sign next to it you can unplug and plug in cable with device manager open to see what one it is.

View this screen shot here as you need your Com Port to be between 1-4.

Download VCDS Lite from here:

BMW INPA OBD2 Cable with Switch Installation Instructions

For drivers and software see this link:

And from Bimmergeeks best install package and guide below:

FTDI Chip Cable Driver

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