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BMW diagnostic tool

Are you looking for the ideal OBD2 BMW diagnostic tool?

We all adore our BMWs, and you agree that they deserve the best care! Though it’s not just focusing on the outside (e.g. new paint job, wheel rims) when we want to show our love for our BMW cars or motorcycles. Protecting your vehicles from the inside (e.g., ECU, engine) is just as important. Thus, it is time to get your BMW devices sorted out. And we have your back if you’re looking for the ideal OBD2 BMW diagnostic tool!

BMW diagnostic tool

What does a BMW diagnostic tool do?

A BMW diagnostic tool connects to your vehicle’s onboard computer and reads diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs). It is used to diagnose and identify car system problems – in the engine, transmission, brakes, or other essential components. 

The tool can also provide real-time data on engine parameters such as fuel efficiency, speed, and coolant temperature. This data can identify problems before they become severe and help you or your mechanic diagnose issues on your BMW more quickly and accurately. 

Finally, it can do programming, coding, and resetting service indicators – essential features when you want to repair or after you do maintenance of your car/motorcycle.

BMW has developed several proprietary vehicle diagnostic tools, including the BMW Group ISTA (Integrated Service Technical Application) and the BMW ICOM (Integrated Communication Optical Module). These tools provide detailed diagnostic information and troubleshooting guidance for BMW vehicles. However, these could cost a lot and may only be available in BMW dealerships or to certified BMW technicians. 

Third-party diagnostic tools are also compatible with BMW vehicles and can be used by automotive professionals or enthusiasts. They cost a fraction and can perform similar functions as the official BMW scan tool. There may be limitations (e.g. coverage of BMW vehicles, features included, interface, etc.). So it is a matter of recognising your need and getting a proper diagnostic tool to maximise value. 

Where to get this device?

OBD2 AUSTRALIA  exists to design, stock and supply car OBD2 scan tools, OBD2 Scanners, TPMS and other epic accessories at lower prices, with great support and knowledge to back them up. This Australia-based company aims to allow you to better connect to your car, truck, caravan, or motorcycle and open up more possibilities for what you can do on the road.

UniCarSCan BMW diagnostic tool
UniCarSCan BMW diagnostic tool

For BMWs, OBD2 Australia has the UniCarScan UCSI-2100 – a new low-cost OBD-2 diagnostic interface for BMW cars and Motorbikes. The device supports most OBD2 diagnostic protocols of most current vehicles and is best suited for PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets with Android and iOS operating systems.

UniCarScan Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter Bimmercode – BMW

Apps that function with UniCarScan

Moreover, this tool will give you full access to the Bimmercode app for BMW cars and the Motoscan App for BMW Motorcycles.

The Motoscan App gives you a full system scan tool for your BMW Motorbike that allows you to scan and clear faults, reset service indicators and many other features you usually need to go to the dealer for. 

You can choose from these different app versions to suit your needs:

  1. LITE
  2. BASIC
BMW diagnostic tool

The Bimmercode App allows you to code and make changes to your BMW. This could be simple things like a new battery or adjusting the driving lights.

Click HERE for pairing instructions.

Other BMW diagnostic tool apps

Bimmerlink – For diagnostics, DPF regeneration, battery registration and more for 2008 or newer BMW vehicles
Bimmer-Tool – For diagnostics, DPF Regen and Service reset

*Please note that the software is not included with this purchase and must be purchased separately.

Our Final Word

A BWM diagnostic tool is valuable for anyone who wants to keep their vehicle running smoothly and avoid costly repairs. Providing detailed information about a car’s systems and identifying potential problems early on helps you save time and money. It also ensures that your vehicle is always in good working order.

It’s now a matter of finding that ideal OBD2 BMW diagnostic tool, and you should now know where to find it!

BMW diagnostic tool
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