Can your Toyota Prado work with an OBD2 diagnostic tool?

You need to answer a couple of questions first. Is your Toyota Prado manufactured between 2002 and 2005? Is it a 4-speed auto or 5-speed manual?

If both are correct, then when you plug a normal OBD2 scan tool in it will NOT work right away. What you need to do is get one of our OBD-AUS Bluetooth scan tools. Then download the Torque App Pro version which will cost you $9.99 for the app.

If your Toyota Prado is a newer model, then you will not have any problems as it is full OBD2 and will work straight away.

What the pro version of the Torque app allows you to do is to enter a custom txt string onto the vehicle’s profile. To do so, follow these steps

b OBD Scan Tools
  • Click on the small cog icon in the bottom left of the home screen of the Torque App.
  • Then click on Vehicle Profile.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the button “show advanced settings”.
  • Scroll to the bottom of this page and you will see some yellow text with “Very Advanced – ELM327 custom….”.
  • Now in the line after this you will want to place in the below text: ATIB 96 \n ATIIA 13 \n ATSH8213F0 \n ATSP4 \n 0100
  • Press the save button and your Toyota Prado should now work with an OBD2 scan tool.

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